A Natural Cortisone Alternative

Sarapin is an anti-inflammatory known for relief of neuromuscular pain as an injection. It is a plant extract distilled from Sarracenia purpurea, better known as the pitcher plant. Sarapin Suwanee GA is one of the best options for chronic pain management. It is a natural alternative to cortisone or other steroids, offering pain relief and preventing excess inflammation in individuals with specific orthopedic conditions.

The pitcher plant extract has been successfully used as a biological medicine for many decades. The effectiveness of Sarapin is thought to arise from its ability to initiate the body’s own natural healing. Sarapin can be used as a treatment for sciatic pain, hip pain, low back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, pain between the ribs, neck pain, and pain down the arms.

Sarapin stops the pain signals in the nerves of the spine without affecting other nerve functions or motor functions. In an earlier study, the pitcher plant extract was noted to have an effect on sensory nerves, relieving nerve pain without affecting skin sensation, and motor nerves. In toxicity tests, Sarapin was shown to be harmless.

Sarapin has characteristics that are somewhat similar to cortisone. Like cortisone, Sarapin is recognized by FDA and AMA and also require prescription. Most of all, it can be a viable treatment for ailments that can also be treated by cortisone. What makes Sarapin different from cortisone is that it does not leave serious side effects and does not cause damage to tissues. This is why Sarapin is sometimes being used as an alternative to cortisone.

Because Sarapin is a natural product, it is harmless and does not accumulate in the body over time. It is excreted by the body without being processed by the liver. And because it does not cause damage to the tissues, Suwanee GA Sarapin can be administered multiple times to maximize pain relief.

Despite of the fact that it is effective and safer than other conventional drugs, and has been in use for more than 70 years, many are not yet familiar with Sarapin because it does not have enough profitability and marketing. Fortunately, there are health care professionals who are aware of Sarapin and its benefits including the doctors who offer Sarapin in Suwanee GA. Patients who receive Sarapin have benefited by recovering from the pain without suffering from harmful side effects.