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Anti-Oxidants Why do we need them?

by Dr. Edwin Chun

Health Benefits of Blackstrap MolassesAnti-oxidants are important for good health and disease prevention. They are important because many things cause (ROS) Reactive Oxidative Stress to the body. It is also known as oxidation. ROS creates instability in cells and basically begins the process of DNA damage. This will trigger inflammation. Damaged DNA equate to bad health, disease, sickness and is the gateway to ALL chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis, gastritis, prostatitis, colonitis, etc… What are the things that cause ROS?

Cell phones, WI-FI towers, EMF from computer routers, microwaves, air pollution, water pollution, synthetic chemicals in your clothes, synthetic fibers in clothes, petroleum based food coloring, effects of drugs medicines, allergies, parasites, virus, bacteria, hidden chemicals in our food, processed foods, fried fire retardant chemicals in our furniture, pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, paint fumes, cars that use gasoline. The list could go on for pages but you get the idea.

Not all reactive stress is bad and some is needed for normal functioning but now a days with the explosion of modern gadgets, new technologies, overpopulation, traffic jams, oil spills and ultraprocessed foods many people are getting bombarded by ROS.

Many people do not think about these things and just go through life thinking everything is safe because everyone else is doing it too. Well, I can tell you confidently nobody wants to get seriously sick in life and get cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc… but it happens everyday! The point to this is learning to PROTECT your DNA from as much damage as you comfortably can each day. You won’t be able to stop all of it, for example a billion cars spewing out carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and carbon monoxide and creating air pollution. Sickness will find a way to get in to us all in small amounts or large amounts depending on our lifestyles, but the key to it is that you can decrease sickness and delay death if you are able to make the right decisions daily to control your genes and shut off disease pathways. Example, if you eat meat and don’t want to increase sickness in your body, you can choose grass fed beef (more natural) versus factory farmed beef (sickness factory, animals get fed GMO corn, anti-biotics, eat plastics = very unnatural). Also increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables daily will increase your anti-oxidants. Many of us are under stress from finance, world events, health issues, for them I would recommend to increase anti-oxidants to take some of the burden off and prevent DNA mutations that can occur with chronic stress.

The other thing you can do to increase anti-oxidants is to supplement real earth organic plants and herbs. Many years ago before the industrialization of agriculture, our soil used to be very healthy. It was higher in Vitamin B12 and organic compounds like Fulvic acid that help our body to obtain important vitamins and minerals from our food. Poor soil means fruits and vegetables that don’t have as many vitamins and anti-oxidants. The good news is that there are a plethora of naturally occurring anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, E, A in many fruits and vegetables. You can do better by learning about SUPERFOODS that are extremely high in many nutrients. Many of the nutrients have anti-cancer properties, anti-disease properties that will boost your bodies defenses against disease they are a rich source of phytonutrients= plant medicines, as well as vitamins and minerals. Some people say that they are not important and that we get enough each day by regular diet, to them I would ask why so many people are sick with obesity, diabetes and cancers and why the numbers overall are increasing. The truth is sickness comes in many ways from industrialized society and we need to be wise and make the right choices for better health in our future. Learn to take small steps toward better health by learning to eat better!

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